Thursday, December 8, 2016

Quick Takes

Hey guys today I will Show you how to do Quick Takes. We gathered clips on three different topics, preferably timely things in news, sports and/or entertainment. Then, we used Adobe Premiere Pro's "picture in picture" (PIP) feature, we then inject reporting or commentary over the three videos.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Hello everyone today I bring you a video of SC State Open House doing the Mannequin challenge enjoy. These are the future bulldogs of South Carolina State University and it was amazing to see them all participate in the challenge. Hopefully I have the opportunity to film another challenge with them in the future.

New Lighting techniques

Hey everyone today we are going to talk about different  forms picture taking. As you notice the pictures down below, you notice different light settings that highlight different portions of the persons face. I will explain what and how they work.

Split lighting is all about drama. By moving the light over to one side, you’ll cast half of your subject’s face in shadow of varying intensity. This can range from complete darkness, to something much more subtle.

Rembrandt lighting gets its name from famed Dutch painter Rembrandt, who often used this kind of lighting in his work. It requires minimal gear but can produce beautiful results. It’s also a very ‘standard’ type of portrait lighting, 

Broad lighting is more of a style than a specific setup; in other words: rembrandt lighting can be “broad” or “short.” Broad means that your subject’s face is turned a bit off-center, and the broader side (turned towards the camera) is in the light. 

Butterfly lighting is the classic beauty lighting technique. Great for high cheek bones and named for the butterfly pattern shadow that forms below the nose when it’s used, this will yield gorgeous “glamour” shots 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Hey everyone, today at South Carolina State University, we are learning how to properly us a light reflector.  I will show you the difference when using a light reflector and not using one.

The top picture shows us a picture without the use of the light reflector.

Now this top picture is with the reflector in use. notice how the light is now more focused on his face more so then the first picture. With the reflector in use properly you are now able to see most of his facial features.

This picture shows us the reflector being used. Notice how she is tilting it so the sun can reflect onto it and letting her control the light.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

This video is showing us how to properly do a action sequence. The actor is getting her things and each time walking past the camera to show a continueious motion. Show that she is actually moving in a direction of progress and she leaves the building on South Carolina State University.

Monday, August 29, 2016

chapter 1 questions

                                                                             Chapter 1

1. What qualities separate the photographer from the photojournalist.

The photojournalist are able to tell the story of a picture through words. They have to work harder, because they have to describe the picture so that by looking at it you can tell everything thats going on.

2. In what sense are the camera and the microphone "writing and reporting instruments"?

The camera and microphone are the writing and reporting instruments in a certain sense, the camera is the paper where everything is being noted on and the microphone is the writing utensil.

3. Why can the edit console fairly be called a "rewrite" machine?

The edit console can be call the rewrite machine because when editing a video or paper, your fixing your mistakes or making them better, or revising it as some may call it.

4. How does the nature of a television news report differ from a newspaper story?

Tv news reports don't really have to discuss in depth about whats going on because they have an video to go along with the script, while newspapers have to paint a visual for you while giving you enough information about the topic.

5. What is the role of the written word in television news?

The role of written word is crucial to the storytelling process, it co-op with info made up of colors, action, images and sound/silence.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Hello everyone,

I'm back and it's time to tell you about my summer!

This summer was amazing. I traveled to Austin, Texas, to pursue my goal of travel. No one had told me that Austin is the Music capitol of the world. I immediately began to explore. I visited the Famous 6th street downtown. It was epic, they block off the street so no cars and drive through. People flocked the streets enjoying the bars and festivities.

After Texas I traveled to Colorado Springs, Colorado. Just to visit a smoke shop (marijuana). It was everything I imagined. When we entered there was a 5 dollar fee. Which entitled your stay for the day. After your in you don't mention money, it's called an reimbursement. They reimburse your money for weed. I immediately purchase 30 dollars worth,  and they reimbursed me with 5 grams of marijuana. I witnessed people hitting the dab (pure THC) and smoked with other stoners.

My outlook for this he school year at South Carolina State University is  to obtain all A's. My classes that I'm taking are my core classes so I have to master them. I am also the photographer for athletics, and promoting my business further.